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    • March 06, 2020 Why Buy Estate Jewellery
      Why Buy Estate Jewellery

      Estate jewellery offer an eco-friendly alternative to newly-made pieces, for ethical style options ranging from vintage to contemporary. With chic settings that can be harder to find in true antiques, they appeal to a broad audience while remaining anything but ordinary. 

    • March 06, 2020 Selling Your Jewellery
      Selling Your Jewellery As precious metals prices have risen over the past few years, hundreds of jewellers, cheque cashing companies and other small buyers have appeared offering to pay “cash for gold, silver and old coins”. Canadian Estate Jewellers, Estate Original's parent company, has been a leading professional buyer of jewellery and precious metals since 1987. Rather than just offering “cash” for your items, we are usually able to offer the highest buy prices available anywhere in Canada for your estate jewellery.
    • March 06, 2020 Learn About Diamonds
      Learn About Diamonds Purchasing a diamond does not have to be an overwhelming experience. The characteristics of a diamond, also known as the Four C’s (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight), all contribute to the price and appearance of the stone. Understanding a diamond’s characteristics will help you determine your best possible diamond choice, while remaining within your budget.
    • March 06, 2020 Engagement Ring Styles
      Engagement Ring Styles At Estate Originals, we have a wide variety of engagement ring styles to choose from. You can be sure to find the exact style that fits your personality for an outstanding value. Learn more about engagement ring styles to find the right ring for you.