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24kt Yellow Gold Dragon Designed Dog Tag With 22kt 16" Yellow Gold Chain


SKU CEJ00011879

This pure gold, 24kt, dog tag features the design of a dragon on one side and Chinese characters, on the other. The dragon is textured in its detail with a high polished background and textured and high polished patterned frame. The Chinese character is high polished against a sandblasted background. A circular bale is attached to the top. Included is a 22kt 16" twisted chain with traditional hook clasp. People from various civilizations considered the dragon to be a powerful talisman and wore it as a protective amulet. As this creature was associated with wealth and power, people even wear dragon jewellery in the hopes of attracting financial success and good luck.

Metal: Gold
Gold Karat: 24kt pendant, 22kt chain
Gram Weight: 11.6 grams

Length: 2.9cm
Width: 1.5cm
Chain Length: 16"